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26 Feb - 03 Mar


Since 1851, our Kiehl's New York apothecary has been dedicated to serving the finest skincare for customers utilising the most advanced technologies and uniquely efficacious, naturally derived ingredients to help improve overall skin quality for healthier-looking skin. 

Over the decades, Kiehl's has given advice and prescribed treatments for its customers. Our Kiehl's Skin Pros go through intensive training on the properties of the active ingredients used in the different products and their benefits. Beyond their uncompromising commitment to quality, they are driven by a passion that allows them to provide unparalleled service renowned by their customers. We continue to offer personalised customer service, together with generous sampling to ensure we meet the individual needs of each customer.

We have a commitment to support local communities, where it serves its valued customers world-wide. For over a decade, Kiehl's have been playing a strong role in supporting communities through our "Kiehl's Gives Back" initiative, where we are involved in charitable projects to support pertinent philanthropic causes, such as AIDS research, the well-being of children and the conservation of our environment.

All of us at Kiehl's would like to extend a heartfelt greeting to our customers everywhere!